Adolfo Alonso Carvajal is Of Counsel to our firm. With over 30 years dedicated to the practice of law, with offices of his own in Madrid, he regularly practices throughout Spain, especially in the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Valencia, Catalonia and Andalusia and outside the Spanish territory in such places as France, England, Italy, Maghreb, Venezuela. Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and Brazil

Professional Affiliations

Mr. Alonso is admitted to the Illustrious Bar of Madrid

Education & Background

He has extensive legal training and professional experience in Civil Law, Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law and Private International Law. He has focused his practice during his career principally on family law, in which field he is a recognized leader and expert on the subject. He is well-versed in family law in its domestic and international dimensions, as well as in its civil and criminal aspects. He holds a PhD in law from UNED of Spain and he has also studied geography, history and art.

Adolfo Alonso Carvajal focuses much of his practice on family and domestic issues. He is a recognized expert on child abduction and Hague Convention issues. He also handles international criminal matters and extradition cases. He was lead counsel before the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations in Asensi Martinez v Paraguay, CCPR/C/95/D/ 1407/2005 (2009), available at Center for Civil and Political Rights.


He has collaborated in the preparation of legislative proposals and programs of the Spanish Confederation of Separated Parents.

He is a frequent lecturer on legal issues, and has been a university professor teaching at the University of Oviedo, La Pontifical University of Salamanca in Oviedo and Carlos III University of Madrid.

He also has published several works on violence against women and international child abduction matters in which he is an internationally recognized expert.

Academician of the “International Academic of Matrimonial Lawyers” (IAML)

Member of the international list of attorneys inter-parental abduction of the British foundation “Reunite”.

Collaborator “Colectif de solidarité des meres des enfants enlevés” of France, in whose capital he has lectured at international meetings on family law.

Member of the Board of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers (2000-2004)

He is currently Chairman of the Child Care Foundation, a foundation dedicated to child protection and on missing and exploited children.


Author of: La Sustracción Interparental de Menores: El Derecho del Límite, Editorial Académica Española (December 26, 2012), available on Amazon (