Gregoria Sánchez is Of Counsel to Mercado & Rengel. With more than 25 years of experience, she has been serving companies and individuals in connection with both foreign and domestic Spanish matters.
Professional Affiliations

Attorney Sánchez is a practicing lawyer and she is a member of the Bar Association of Madrid and the State of New York.


After studying law at the University of Barcelona and working as a fellow at “ICEX” (Foreign Trade Institute of Spain) in the Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Sydney, Australia, she settled in New York, where she entered the Brooklyn Law School. Once completing her law degree, she joined the Bar Association of the State New York. She then opened her first office in that New York City, after working for two prominent firms in New York handling international law.


Attorney Sánchez has lectured in both Spain and the US on various topics related to international and European law. She was Chair of the Women’s Committee, International Law Section of the New York Women’s International Bar Association, through which participating in seminars and conferences on private international law. She has also worked with and on behalf of several Spanish non-profit groups in the New York area (including, Casa de Galicia and Centro Español).

Her ability to work in several legal systems and her multilingual abilities (given her knowledge of various languages, such as English, Spanish; with a proficiency in French, Italian and Portuguese) allow her to serve a broad spectrum for our clients. This makes her a tremendous asset to our firm, further broadening our ability to handle all types of international law cases.

Practice Areas

A specialist in US and Spanish legislation, with Mercado & Rengel Attorney Sanchez focuses mainly in the following areas:

  • Corporate and miscellaneous domestic and international businesses;
  • General civil matters;
    • Handling of Public Instruments (e.g.: Deeds at Public Notaries, Mercantile and Industrial Property Registries, etc.).
  • Domestic and cross-borders tax matters, (with or without the application of international treaties to avoid double taxation);
  • Immigration;
  • Family matters, including cross-border divorce and custody issues;
  • Trust and estate matters, included also cross-border estates, with the application of international civil law, when applicable.
    • Last Will and Testament certifications, as well as criminal, police and good-conduct records, birth, marriage and death certifications, and any other Justice Department and Public Civil records and certifications issued by any given country.
  • Multilingual Legal and Certified Translations: (English, Spanish, French, Portugese & other European languages).
  • Authentication and certification of documents and Apostilles for all kinds of private and public documents, according to the The Hague Convention.
  • Handling of Social Security and INEM certificates and related records.