Wrongful Death

Boston & Miami Wrongful Death Lawyers

At Mercado & Rengel we represent clients in many types of wrongful death claims. How a wrongful death claim is commenced varies by state. In Massachusetts, for example, an action for Wrongful Death may be started by the executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate on behalf of the surviving spouse, children, or parents of the victim. If the deceased does not have any living parents, children, or spouse, the victim’s siblings or cousins may then recover funds from the lawsuit through the victim’s estate. The losses need not solely be economic in nature.

Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawyers

Our Boston and Miami based wrongful death attorneys know that when you need to cope with the emotional and financial hardships of dealing with the loss of a loved one, the idea of talking to insurance companies or investigators is not the pleasant thought. Fortunately, Mercado & Rengel is there to help. Our attorneys have over 25 years of combined legal experience that we will employ on your behalf to make sure that you and your family are fairly compensated.

MA Accident Wrongful Death Attorneys

An action for wrongful death may be brought for either an intentional or unintentional act that causes an injury that results in death. A blow to the head during an altercation that later results in death is an injury that is intentionally caused. The driver of an automobile who unintentionally causes the death of another in an accident may be held liable for negligence. An individual who, in violation of local law, neglects to enclose a swimming pool in his yard can be held liable for the omission or failure to act if a child is attracted to the pool and subsequently drowns.

If you have questions or need assistance in a situation where you feel a death has been wrongfully caused by the acts of another, please contact the Boston and Miami wrongful death attorneys with Mercado & Rengel. An appointment will be scheduled and the initial consultation is free.