U.S. Immigration

Boston & Miami Immigration Lawyers

Mercado & Rengel provides immigration assistance to individuals and corporate clients. We begin with a comprehensive consultation in which an immigration lawyer will review your immigration goals, and analyze your eligibility for any of the various programs available through the US Government. We have collectively been practicing immigration law for more than 20 years and our immigration clients include individuals, multinational corporations and other business organizations that employ foreign nationals on a temporary and permanent basis in the United States. Mercado & Rengel also represents individuals, including professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers and athletes seeking either temporary or permanent residence.

Legal Immigration

There are numerous visas for immigration and travel to the US, some of the most common are outlined below and further explained on this site.

The United States immigration process is notoriously complicated and it can often prove difficult for those wishing to migrate to the U.S., we at Mercado & Rengel have the experience to help you successfully traverse this complex system. We will prepare all of the documents necessary to file your application with the US department of Homeland Security (USCIS) or the applicable U.S. Embassy.