L-1 Visa – Executive Transferee

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With offices in Boston, Miami and Madrid we are an international law firm that can help you with your executive employee transfers to the United States. The L Visa is the most common visa to move personnel to your US affiliates.

The L visa is applicable when a branch/subsidiary/affiliate is opened in the U.S of a parent or affiliate company currently functioning in the foreign place of domicile.

There are two kinds of L visas:

  • L-1A for employees in an executive or managerial position, and
  • L-1B – for employees in a specialized knowledge capacity

Who Is Eligible

Employees who are being transferred from a foreign subsidiary, branch, affiliate or parent of a U.S. company: who are in a specialized knowledge capacity or an executive or managerial position and have been employed for at least one continuous year during the past three years, with the foreign subsidiary, branch, affiliate or parent of the U.S. company applying for them.

Visa Duration and Renewability

L1 visas may be granted for an initial period of up to 3 years and may be renewed for a maximum of 7 years for an L-1A and a maximum of 5 years for an L-1B. After 1 year with the L visa, the beneficiary may apply to become a permanent resident and obtain a “green card” which would allow indefinite residence in the U.S. After 5 years as a permanent resident, the beneficiary may apply to become an American Citizen.

Family Benefits

Spouses and unmarried children under 21 are allowed as dependents under an L-2 visa. L-1 dependents are allowed to legally live and study in the U.S. without any additional permits, and the spouse of the L1 visa holder may obtain work authorization.

We at Mercado & Rengel have successfully handled many L1 visas and we can help you with all your visa needs.