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Relocation Specialist

Monica Gadaleta is a relocation specialist who provides assistance to those emigrating to the United States. Relocating to another country is a process that requires knowledge, skills, and a mindset to be effective and inclusive when living, communicating, and working in a new culture. By providing the tools and solutions which enable individuals, families, international students, and employers, experience a smoother transition, Ms. Gadaleta helps individuals and families thrive in their new environment.

Ms. Gadaleta offers a global and cross-cultural perspective based on her 20 years of experience relocating to and from the United States, and having lived abroad in several places, including Argentina, United States, Switzerland, and Spain. She has learned first-hand the skills required to settle in a new country with her multicultural family and, in the process, prioritize schools, neighborhoods, afterschool classes, and develop a sense belonging to a community to enrich the new experience for the entire family.


Ms. Gadaleta has an Associate Degree in Anthropology from the Massachusetts Bay Community College. She earned a Certificate from Deakin University in Harnessing Cultural Diversity: Effective Team Leadership in the Workplace, and is in the process of completing a Bachelor Degree of Science in Sociology from Northeastern University.


Team Leader in Families in Global Transition Member of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research) in Spain Switzerland, and Europe.