Huge Massachusetts North Shore Drug Seizure


In a huge operation, law enforcement agencies in Massachusetts have dismantled one of the largest drug trafficking organizations (DTO) in New England. According to a Press Relase from the US Attorney they report the following about the investigation and subsequent arrests. See full release at:

The Investigation:

On November 1, 2023, a culmination of a three-month investigation led to the arrest of Emilio Garcia, a/k/a “6”, 25, of Lynn; Sebastien Bejin, a/k/a “Bash”, 33 of Lynn; and, Deiby Felix, 40, of Lynn accused of orchestrating a large-scale drug trafficking operation on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The investigation, initiated after an overdose death in Salem, led to the ultimate arrests in the case and what the US Attorney labeled an organization responsible for distributing over 10 million doses of controlled substances, including eight million doses of fentanyl and methamphetamine-laced pills and powder.

The Seizure:

The searches conducted on four locations in Lynn, Massachusetts, revealed an unprecedented cache of narcotics. Over 220 pounds of controlled substances were seized, with a street value exceeding $8 million. Among the staggering haul were heart-shaped fentanyl-laced pills designed to resemble candy, emphasizing the sheer audacity and depravity of the traffickers.

Charges and Arrests:

Emilio Garcia, also known as “6,” Sebastien Bejin, alias “Bash,” and Deiby Felix faced charges related to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and possession with intent to distribute. The severity of the charges reflects the magnitude of their alleged involvement in the drug trade. The defendants are set to appear in U.S. District Court under case number 23-mj-01493-DLC.

Case Details:

The charging documents reveal a disturbing inventory of narcotics seized from a residential home, including white powder and rock-like substances identified as methamphetamine and cocaine base, raw methamphetamine, counterfeit Percocet and Adderall pills, and a mix of cocaine, fentanyl, and methamphetamine. For context, the quantity of fentanyl alone equates to about 900,000 individual doses.


We at Mercado & Rengel criminal defense lawyers provide this information in a continuing effort to provide timely legal information. Any persons named in this post are presumed to be innocent of all the charges against them and the information is provided is solely from the US Attorney’s Office (Boston) Press Release

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