Julian Assange Extradition to US closer to being a reality

The US has now formally revealed its 17 count Indictment of Julian Assange. The Indictment specifically charges that U.S. national security was endangered and that this was done because of Wikileaks obtaining and disclosing classified information. Sweden has also requests his extradition from Britain where Assange is currently serving a jail sentence for bail jumping, when he fled to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Swedish prosecutors have already declared that they had issued a European Arrest Warrant for Mr. Assange. The U.S. extradition request was made public shortly after Assange was arrested a couple of weeks ago at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Although the initial charges were related to hacking into a DOD computer, such a crime only had a five year max sentence. The allegations in the recently disclosed Indictment carrie a possible 10 year prison sentence.